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We understand that small businesses often struggle to provide the expansive developmental opportunities that large corporations can.  Do you wish you could offer more enriched growth and learning experiences for your employees?  Our specialized program is designed to bridge that gap.

We offer:

  • Intentional Leadership Development Classes: Tailored curriculum focusing on cultivating essential leadership skills.

  • Experiences Beyond Regular Duties: Opportunities for employees to engage in projects and tasks outside their usual scope of work, promoting versatility and innovation.

  • Networking with Liked-Minded Leaders: Connect with a community of ambitious leaders through our programs to share insights and forge lasting professional relationships.

  • 1-Year Cohort Model: Participants join a decided cohort of 4-10 leaders, fostering a close-knit learning environment.

  • Regular Sessions: Engage in 1-2 sessions per month, designed to fit into the busy schedules of small business leaders.

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