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Bisi has 16 years of experience working in the engineering and healthcare industry.  He has worked in research, product development, customer service, and strategic planning for various small and large organizations. Some of his roles include Project manager, Practice manager, Strategic planning manager, Executive Director, and CEO.  Along with his industry experience, Bisi has coached soccer players at the highest level in the state of Michigan for over 12 years. Bisi has also been a consultant for over 7 years for individuals and small businesses helping them develop a vision, and strategic plan and set specific goals that align with their vision.  


Bisi enjoys using his skills in strategy to give back to his community. Bisi is the President of the Board at Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley located in Ann Arbor, MI, and Vice Chairman of the board at Reliant Mission, a global mission agency. 


Bisi has an Engineering degree from University of Michigan and an MBA from Indiana University focused on strategic planning.

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