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Understanding your “WHY” is one of the most important things a company can do.  When everyone on the team understands your Vision, Mission and Values, it breeds ownership, unity and overall pride in your organization.  We can help you through the process of documenting and communicating your WHY.  


Once you understand why, you can now start figuring out how to accomplish your Vision.  We will work with your team to map out a strategic plan that aligns with your Vision, Mission, and Values.


Organizing your team to execute your Strategy becomes the next most important step. For your Strategy to be effective you need someone on your leadership team to own each component of your Strategy.  We will help you develop job descriptions and assign owners to specific strategic initiatives based on their skill sets.


Systems that work have good people executing good processes.  Now that you have organized your team based on their strengths, you and your leadership team should be able to document the specific things that need to happen in each department for that department to be successful.  We can help you document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Checklists that align with your strategy and will ensure each team completes their tasks in a timely manner.


Finally, when your team understands why you exists, how you are going to accomplish your vision and mission, what their specific role is and the specific things they need to do each day to be successful in their role, it is now time to support and keep them accountable.  We will help you create a dashboard and a develop the appropriate meeting frequency to support each team member in their role and keep them accountable for executing each task according to the defined process.

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